Robot Squid was built to be different. We believe the most memorable gaming experiences are lovingly crafted by small teams of passionate developers.

As an independent studio that develops and publishes cross platform real-time multiplayer games, we hold fun at the core of all we make. Our mission is to deliver truly original, innovative and accessible multiplayer games for everyone.

Chris Dawson

Chris Dawson - CCO & Co-founder

Chris is a games designer and serial founder whose titles have generated over 1 billion downloads globally so far. Theoretically more than 10% of the human race will have played his games at some point… not bad.

Tobias Barendt

Tobias Barendt - CTO & Co-founder

Tobi is a technical genius whose career has spanned some of the biggest names in the industry such as Call of Duty, Hungry Shark and Singstar. In fact, so broad is his experience that he’s even credited on the Wii classic, Sleepover Party… but doesn't like to talk about it.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams - COO

Jason is a chartered accountant by trade (although don't hold that against him) with additional experience in product management making him the swiss army knife of Robot Squid. He wears many hats but you won't find him happier than when poring over tableau dashboards.